Amazon Reviewers Love this Top-Rated Teeth Whitening Pen

Consumers have been bombarded with over the counter teeth whitening treatment options. Almost everyone you know has at one point used a whitening toothpaste, gel, strip, mouthwash, or other treatment. Some consumers have become tired of using a variety of products. However, there is one treatment that consumers are boasting about and that’s teeth whitening pens.

Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime whitening pen was designed by renowned Orthodontist Dr. Jacquiline Fulop-Goolding, DMD, PC. The whitening pen was specifically made with her patient's busy schedules and desire to have white teeth in mind. This small pen has the ability to whiten teeth in 30 seconds. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket, purse, travel bag and anywhere else a regular pen can be stored.

This easy to use teeth whitening pen involves the following steps:

  • Remove the cap
  • Apply to teeth in a circular motion
  • Smile and fan dry with your hands for 15 seconds
  • No rinsing necessary

This convenient pen is the perfect solution to touch-ups and looking your best day or night. How many times has your teeth become discolored immediately after drinking your favorite red wine? The Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime whitening pen allows you to whiten your teeth on the go.

All of your coffee breaks throughout the day also discolors your teeth. This innovative teeth whitening tool can minimize the damage your favorite cup of coffee does to your teeth.

Keep in mind the Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime whitening pen is considered above the rest because it contains a combination of ingredients that whitens, strengthens and rebuilds tooth enamel which is something the other brands can’t do.

Consumers that have been purchasing the pen have also happily reported that it’s not embarrassing using this product in front of others in public restrooms. The shiny red color makes it look like a lipstick and applies just as quickly. Men also love this product because it is small enough for them to fit into a pocket or briefcase and use discreetly in public restrooms. It fits comfortably in hand and can easily be hidden in front of others.

Traveling with this whitening pen is also easy. You can add it in your TSA approved carry on bag or pack it in your checked luggage. It’s the perfect solution for busy business professionals that are always traveling and on-the-go. The whitening pen is also an excellent option for those on vacation that enjoy trying the local cuisine which also contributes to discoloring teeth. The pen helps you look picture perfect in all of your vacation photos and videos. 

Patients of Dr. Smiles love this product, especially since it whitens your teeth on-the-go and starts working in 30 seconds. Consumers on Amazon have found themselves ordering more than one pen at a time to assure they never run out.

Boost your confidence and order your Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime whitening pen today!