Your Guide to Choosing a Safe Teeth Whitening Pen

Your Guide to Choosing a Safe Teeth Whitening Pen

Did all of the delicious food and drinks you consumed over the holiday season stain your teeth? If so, you might be frantically searching for teeth whitening options. Teeth whitening pens are easy and convenient to use while on-the-go.  Ideal candidates for teeth whitening pens are those with healthy gums and teeth. Generally, teeth whitening pens are safe to use, but those who have exposed roots, periodontal disease, and exposed dentin among other oral health problems need to visit a dentist first before choosing a teeth whitening option.  The information below will guide you in selecting a safe teeth whitening pen for you!

Visit a Dentist

Before you begin your search for a teeth whitening pen visits your dentist for General check-up. The dentist will provide you with a thorough exam, and I advise you of any issues you need to take care of immediately. Remember serious oral issues need to be fixed and cared for before you use a teeth whitening pen. Seeking treatment for problems will prevent tooth sensitivity and sudden pain.

Ask for Teeth Whitening Pen Recommendations

While you are at the dentist ask for teeth whitening pen recommendations. Our Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime teeth whitening pen is specially formulated to reduce tooth sensitivity. It's quick and easy to use, and it's designed to carry with you anywhere you go.  Consumers love it because its safe to use and specially designed by a highly respected orthodontist.

Avoid  Choosing Teeth Whitening Pens Just Because the Name is Familiar

A common mistake many consumers make is choosing teeth whitening pens simply because the name sounds familiar. Sometimes name brands are heard on commercials and make people feel comfortable purchasing a product featuring the brand. However, these products aren't always the best option for people with tooth sensitivity.  Make sure you are choosing your teeth whitening pen because you read the label and it fits your needs.

Test Teeth Whitening Pen Options

Since there are plenty of teeth whitening pen options available to consumers today, it's best to read the labels and try the ones that you feel are best suited to your needs. It's best to test one pen at a time for up to three days. If tooth sensitivity is experienced after the three days, avoid using this pen and wait a week before trying your next teeth whitening pen option. Consumers that feel afraid to try a variety of teeth whitening pens or are scared of teeth sensitivity should try the Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime pen first since it is well known for being safe and preventing tooth sensitivity.

Continue Using the Teeth Whitening Pen that's Best Suited to Your Needs

Once you find a teeth whitening pen that works for you continue using the same brand to ensure the best results. If your teeth are already sensitive before using a teeth whitening pen, it's best to get the advice of your dentist or orthodontist.

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