Why You Should Never Whiten Your Teeth with Activated Charcoal

Posted on September 13 2018

Why You Should Never Whiten Your Teeth with Activated Charcoal

Have you heard of the new activated charcoal teeth whitening craze? Chances are you have a friend that is proud to show you pictures of their teeth whitening process which includes a mouth filled with black charcoal. Your friend might have whitened their teeth a shade or two with this technique, but is it safe for your teeth?

Activated charcoal is highly abrasive and removes enamel from teeth. According to the ADA, “Using materials that are too abrasive on teeth will actually make them look more yellow.”

The problem is, the charcoal is abrasive and gradually damages tooth enamel which is the exact part of the tooth you are trying to whiten. How can you whiten your tooth enamel with abrasive activated charcoal if it’s slowly damaging tooth enamel? Here are the reasons below why you should never whiten your teeth with activated charcoal.

Reasons Not to Use Activated Charcoal to Whiten Your Teeth

  • Abrasive minerals damages enamel
  • Causes tooth sensitivity
  • Causes erosion and makes teeth yellow

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Long-term periodical use of activated charcoal on teeth can gradually cause erosion. This means consumers that are just trying to get a brighter smile are unknowingly damaging their teeth to a point that enamel is thin and their teeth are yellow. This will cause extensive treatment by a professional. Sometimes the damage can be so severe that other whitening products will not help brighten teeth either.

A bright healthy white smile is high in demand due to social media and the constant need to look great in pictures. A beautiful smile is a great asset in general, but especially in pictures. The demand for a white smile has consumers reaching for any product they hear about to whiten their teeth. This is often dangerous, especially if a dentist has not recommended it for the patient.

Everyone has specific dental issues that need to be addressed and remedied by a professional. Teeth whitening might be easy to do at home with an over the counter product or DIY teeth whitening mixture but the damage it can cause to teeth is sometimes irreversible.

Consumers that are searching for the perfect product to whiten their teeth should first consult with their dentist. A licensed professional will offer a variety of teeth whitening options that are best suited for each patient. Sometimes what works for one patient doesn’t work for another.

A dentist can also recommend high quality over the counter teeth whitening options that are excellent options to use between professional whitening sessions. The cost of products and treatments vary and are often affordable for almost any budget.

Teeth whitening products and DIY ingredients that are abrasive are often described as a way to remove stains. Most consumers think abrasive ingredients will help their teeth get whiter, but it actually causes damage that will make their teeth become permanently yellow in the future.

Consumers won’t notice their tooth enamel getting damaged or becoming yellow for a long time. However, once it does show signs of damage it’s almost too late. Are you looking for safe ways to whiten your teeth? Contact our office today to find out your options.

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