Illegal and Dangerous Teeth Whitening Products to Avoid

Posted on September 06 2018

Illegal and Dangerous Teeth Whitening Products to Avoid

Teeth whitening kits and remedies are available almost everywhere these days. You can purchase them online or at local stores. Some people have offered at-home service which is illegal and dangerous. Sellers were informed to remove teeth whitening products that contain harmful ingredients. Unfortunately, there are still harmful whitening products being sold today. Some of the most dangerous ingredients include 44% carbamide peroxide which is about 150 times the legal limit.

  • DIY Bleaching Kits – Consumers that are looking to save money often rely on information they find online. There is written recipes and videos that provide consumers with a recipe and instructions. Unfortunately, many of the at-home DIY mixtures damage tooth enamel to the point of permanent yellow teeth. The poor results don’t happen right away but it happens slowly each time the consumer uses the treatment.
  • Unheard of Teeth Whitening Pastes – White teeth are high in demand and will continue to be needed far into the future. Some companies or people decide to create a product just to make money instead of focusing on providing excellent and safe treatment for consumers. Avoid any teeth whitening kit, system or paste that promises hard to believe results.
  • Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening - Activated charcoal teeth products are very popular among the consumers. However, many users should know the damage it may cause to your teeth. the abrasiveness of the mineral of activated charcoal can damage the enamel of your teeth if it's scrubbed against them. Once enamel is damaged it cannot be repaired. 
  •  Teeth Whitening Pen with High Concentration – Whitening pens are usually sold online. It’s affordable and says it will help consumers achieve a healthy and happy smile on the go. However, teeth whitening pens that contains 35% carbamide peroxide, can damage teeth over time and make gum disease and other dental conditions worse. 
  • Whitening Toothpaste – There are dozens of whitening toothpaste available in local stores and online. Consumers are brushing their teeth at least twice a day with whitening toothpaste. Unfortunately, the ingredients that produce faster results are over the allowed amount of bleaching agents approved by the ADA. Many whitening toothpastes have high concretion of carbamide peroxide which can damage to your teeth, develop gum disease and other dental conditions. 

How to Choose the Right Whitening Toothpaste

  • Consult with your dentist
  • Choose a well-known brand
  • Read the ingredients label
  • Beware of ingredients that involve high percentages
  • Look for toothpaste that has the ADA seal of approval

Consult with Dr. Jacquie Smiles about choosing the right whitening toothpaste. You may also call 212-972-3522 to schedule your appointment.

The ADA Seal of Acceptance program recommends whitening toothpaste to contain chemical agents that safely remove surface stains by gently polishing teeth. Consumers that plan to use teeth whitening products on an ongoing base are encouraged to consult with a dentist first.

Teeth Whitening Tips

Now that you know you should avoid any teeth whitening products with high percentages of ingredients, you need should know there are plenty of safe alternatives that do an excellent job and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

A consultation with a dentist will expose a wide range of safe teeth whitening options. Generally, a dentist will offer consumers a professional whitening service and recommend up-keep with safe whitening pens, toothpaste and more.

Are you ready to find safe teeth whitening options? Learn more about Dr. Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen and orthodontist services.

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