How to Get Whiter Teeth On-The-Go

How to Get Whiter Teeth On-The-Go

Your life is busy, but your teeth don’t have to be stained because of your chaotic schedule. You can have whiter teeth on-the-go. In the past, keeping your teeth white while rushing through your busy day wasn’t an option. However, in today's world, you have the best of everything, including portable teeth whitening options. Continue reading to find out the secrets to keeping your teeth white on-the-go!

Carry Teeth Whitening Pens

These amazing portable tools are specifically designed to fit into your purse, pocket, briefcase, large wallet, luggage and more. They are quick and easy to use anytime and anyplace.

The Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime teeth whitening pen is especially convenient because it’s the one option that doesn’t require rinsing your mouth out after use. You just apply the whitening gel to your teeth, allow it to dry for 15 seconds, and you are on your way. You can use this teeth whitening pen at home, in a car, at a restaurant, at work and anywhere else you might need to whiten your teeth.

They are especially beneficial after consuming food and drinks such as red wine that is known to stain teeth. The immediate use of a teeth whitening pen can prevent red-stained teeth and help you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Use Whitening Toothpastes

Brushing after every meal is a common recommendation dentist give their patients. This wise recommendation is often difficult to adhere to when you are on-the-go. However, when you carry a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste you can get the job done anywhere that has water such as the restroom at the office, a restaurant and other places you visit.

Whitening Strips

These convenient strips stick to your teeth and require a specific time frame to assure they work. You can use these helpful sticky strips while you are driving your car, commuting to work, grocery shopping and more. Just make sure you remove the strip before you speak to anyone in public.

Preventing Discoloration and Stains

An excellent way to keep your teeth white on-the-go is to prevent the stains from happening in the first place. When you are away from home, try to avoid consuming drinks that stain teeth such as red wine, coffee, tea, beet juice, soda, and hot chocolate. Instead, opt for alternatives such as white wine, chamomile tea, hot lemon water, and flavored water.

Smoking quickly and easily causes your teeth to become yellow or brown. Quit smoking if possible or create a teeth whitening regimen that will help keep your teeth white. An excellent example of a regimen is to always carry a tooth whitening pen with you or brush with whitening toothpaste throughout the day to prevent deep down stains.

Keeping your teeth white on-the-go is quick and easy. The best way is to carry a teeth whitening pen with you. However, brushing with a whitening toothpaste or using whitening strips during your commute is also beneficial.

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