How to Get a Celebrity Bright White Smile

How to Get a Celebrity Bright White Smile

One of the first things you notice about celebrities is their beautiful white smiles. They are the inspiration behind many consumers seeking out the best ways to achieve their own beautiful bright smile. The following information will help guide you on your journey to that bright celebrity smile you can show off in your pictures on your own social media accounts.

Consult with a Dentist

The first thing you want to do is become an ideal candidate for teeth whitening treatments. Visit or call your dentist to discuss any issues such as gum disease and any other ailments that need to be improved before you start whitening your teeth. You want your teeth and gums to be healthy first.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Once you have healthy teeth and gums, your dentist will recommend a professional teeth whitening treatment that will suit you best. Treatments vary in quality and price so make sure you ask questions and choose the right treatment for you and your budget. You can also discuss finance options with your dentist. Generally, this type of agreement will involve a down payment and small monthly payments until it has been paid in full.

Pastes and Pens

You need to maintain the bright smile that was revealed during your professional teeth whitening treatment. Chances are your dentist will recommend for you to use whitening pastes and pens between professional treatments. Whitening pastes are usually included in toothpaste. However, sometimes it might be added to toothpaste to boost brightness.

Whitening pens are like little magic wands that you can carry with you anywhere you go. They are small and easy to use on the spot. This means you can brighten your smile after a delicious meal at a restaurant, on a date, before an important business meeting and more.

Avoid Staining Teeth

Foods and drinks are often the cause of stained and discolored teeth. You might have the willpower to lessen the amount of coffee, tea and red wine in your diet and avoid foods that stain teeth, but you don’t need to if you can’t control your willpower. A simple solution to consuming dark foods and drinks that stain teeth is to brush and use a brightening pen before the stains settle into the enamel.

Maintenance and Upkeep

You can achieve the bright celebrity smile with regular professional whitening treatments. Your dentist will set up a treatment schedule for you. It’s best not to skip or postpone your appointment. However, you are responsible for maintaining your pearly white teeth between visits. This means you need to invest in high-quality whitening toothpaste and whitening pens and use them on a regular basis.

Dr. Smiles understands the desire to have a bright smile. Contact our office today to learn more about our high-quality whitening treatments, pens and more!

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