Coconut Oil Costs Less Than a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Posted on September 06 2018

Coconut Oil Costs Less Than a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Oil pulling was initially used in Ayurveda medicine thousands of years ago. The benefits from oil pulling have been experienced by people worldwide. Oil pulling involves about one teaspoon of organic coconut oil being swished around in the mouth for 10 minutes or longer. This method is similar to using mouthwash. The coconut oil should never be swallowed since it contains toxins and bacteria that was moved from the oral cavity.

Organic coconut oil is costly when compared to other types of oil such as olive or vegetable oils. However, the cost of organic coconut oil is significantly less than professional whitening treatments. This doesn’t mean you should skip your professional whitening treatments, but it is an excellent way to keep your teeth white between visits.

Consumers that have used organic coconut oil on a regular basis have received positive feedback from their dentists. Some patients have been told it improved their gums and overall oral health compared to their previous visit.

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Teeth whitening systems, pastes and pens use a combination of ingredients that usually bleach teeth to pearly white perfection. However, coconut oil brightens teeth a different way. As the patient swishes the coconut oil around in their mouth the oil which contains lauric acid helps remove plaque and bacteria which are major contributors to yellow teeth.

The Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine reported that studies involving oil pulling with coconut oil were an effective natural solution to brightening smiles and preventing tooth decay.

This all-natural whitening treatment is beneficial not only for whitening teeth but for maintaining an overall healthy mouth. As consumers practice this technique on a regular basis, they might find it helps improve other health ailments not related to oral health.

As an experiment, many people decide to try oil pulling to see if it gives them positive results. It’s wise to practice oil pulling on a daily basis for an entire month to see if the results will benefit you. A one week trial might show some improvement, but an entire month should show a significant difference that will encourage you to continue using it as a regular part of your regimen.

Some consumers have noticed their teeth slightly becoming whiter and cleaner looking after oil pulling twice. People have also reported that it helps to remove particles and bacteria between teeth which were evident when flossing.

Oil pulling with organic coconut oil is an all-natural smile brightener that costs way less than a professional whitening treatment. Give it a try today to find out if it helps you achieve the bright smile you desire.

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